Pastel Pusheen Collection

I was contacted by the one and only Pusheen to be their brand ambassador to basically take photos of goodies that they will send to me. I absolutely loved what I got as my first box! Too excited to see what was inside, I unboxed it and had a quick look at what was inside, knowing full well I intended to do an unboxing video. I did however did not try them on because I wanted to do that for the Try-On section of the review video. I am so thrilled at their collection that I was only too eager to show you all what their webshop Heychickadee offers so have a look at the video linked above to see what I got, how it looked like and how it fits on me, keeping in mind I am a 6-8 UK and 5.3 in height!

If you're a fan of this adorable tabby cat we all love, you will be so excited to know they've been launching products after products ranging from homeware to fashion items that are very accessible online (and in shops!)

The items I got in the box are: (Click to go their product page)
1. Pusheen Ice Cream Bowl
2. Pastel Varsity Jacket
3. Pusheen Pastel Skater Skirt
4. Telephone Pin
5. Pastel Necklace

I honestly cannot pick a favourite but if I had to I will have to go for the pastel mint Varsity jacket because let’s face it, it’s adorable!

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