Harajuku Fashion: Pastel Rainbow and that GALAXXXY Jacket!

So I realise this is one of my oldest videos for when I briefly started uploading videos on YouTube (before my hiatus due to work commitments!) and I think it’s still a blog worthy haul, even if it’s just for one of the items in the haul I was kindy gifted, the Unicorn jacket called ‘STRAWBERRY DREAM’.

First of all, if you’ve been into Kawaii Fashion, you know that Harajuku style is synonymous to the more colourful side of style. A lot of Tokyo street fashion that is portrayed in the media are usually very loud, over the top and almost ‘costume’ like and it can be frustrating when people say it looks like a costume. However what people don’t often realise is just how diverse Harajuku style actually is and how it is ever evolving and ever changing and just how artistic Japanese street fashion can get. Galaxxxy as a brand is inspired by futuristic anime genre and music, so you can definitely see their artistic expression in their clothing designs!


So when I was gifted these GALAXXXY goodies, which came all the way from Harajuku in Tokyo via Keep-it-secret, I was so thrilled. Not because it came straight from the motherland, because I’ve bought many J-fashion brands before (Mostly Lolita Fashion brands and Gyaru brands from 109), but because of how different and how great the design of this jacket was!

But first let me start with the skirt. This skirt is aptly called Neo 70s Patch Skirt. You can see by the themes of the vibrant psychedelic patches scattered around the skirt that this skirt is an ode to that hippie era of the 70s style we all know about. The skirt is form fitting which I really liked because if I was any smaller, it will feel a little loose and therefore lose that figure hugging shape. The plaster hoodie, is just as vibrant and whimsical but that is what the brand Galaxxxy is all about!

Online, in the kawaii fashion communities I saw many of my peers fawning over this Strawberry Dream jacket and it made me so happy that out of all their styles, I got that jacket and skirt! I suppose back when I posted the video it was their newest collection, so it made sense…but still it is one magical piece of clothing.

So if you’re curious to see the pieces of clothing I got from Galaxxxy, do watch the video down below. Keeping in mind it was one of the first videos I’ve ever done so lighting isn’t so great but you can see all the different patches, the skirt that I haven’t taken a photo of in action, the fit and a Plaster theme hoodie.

To make this blog post more current, I will link an online shop that still have one or two items from this collection (apart from the jacket, it’s sold out everywhere! I’m sorry!) and where you can get Galaxxxy stuff from in general.

Shop here! here and here!

Have a wonderful day or evening and I will catch you later!

Fashionably yours,

Pixie Late

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