The Birth of Cosplay Kitchen!

Hi lovelies!

So if you know me or just slightly stalk me on Instagram or any of my other social media, you will know that I am an avid food lover. As in I can’t stop eating, thinking about food and sometimes after a meal I immediately think about planning my next. So one day I had a thought and decided to combine my two passions in one, Cosplay and Food! I decided to go through with this challenge and of course I started with my most current favourite character, D.VA from the game Overwatch. It’s only fair seeing that Overwatch is my most played game lately and D.VA is my most Cosplayed character (Refer to my Cosplay Blog post HERE!)

Creating a Food tutorial is a lot harder than I thought I must say…to get those perfect shots, closeups and of course the prep work of making sure you have everything right. I wouldn’t want you all to create something that doesn’t taste quite right do I?

Thanks to Overwatch’s Twitter post (I’ve lost it now) I got this Cheesy Dip recipe and wanted to try it out and it’s so good! Honestly, if you love cheese and garlic, you will find this so moreish! I reccomend you try it out maybe for a games night, some light snack time or if you simply fancy creating an Overwatch theme food without even ‘cooking’ anything!

Enjoy the video, the first of many installments of me cooking whilst Cosplaying.

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